Rustic Garage Doors

Our rustic garage doors are expertly crafted from premium wood, providing a timeless and elegant design that seamlessly integrates with your home’s facade. These doors embody sophistication and craftsmanship, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your home and creating a captivating entrance.

Wood Options

Our customers can choose from a variety of high-quality wood options, tailored to achieve their desired look. We primarily work with local oak and pine, but also offer exotic woods such as padouk and afrormosia. Each type of wood is selected for its unique qualities and ability to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your garage doors.

Our skilled carpenters can add bespoke details to your rustic garage doors, such as intricate moldings to add depth and character, as well as custom stains and finishes to enhance the natural beauty of the wood and ensure it matches your home’s exterior. With our extensive selection of wood types and carpentry-crafted options, we provide a diverse array of choices to cater to various architectural styles and individual preferences.

How we build our doors

Each door is built on a robust aluminum frame, renowned for its strength and longevity. To enhance energy efficiency, we incorporate a 5 cm layer of insulation within the frame, ensuring effective temperature control and minimal heat transfer.

For the cladding, we use water-resistant wood panels as a sturdy base to install the chosen material, ensuring durability and a perfect fit for any aesthetic preference.

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