Technical Excellence

At Doorsystems, we specialize in creating fully customizable garage doors that blend architectural beauty with technical precision. Crafted from any material and built to last a lifetime, our doors handle heavy cladding of any size and shape while operating smoothly.

Our doors can be as large as 7 meters wide (23 feet) and 3 meters high (10 feet), and can support weights up to 1 ton (2,200 pounds).

We’ll happily combine our expertise with your creativity to create the perfect garage door for your home.

Which Style Suits Your Home Best?

Invisible Garage Doors

Seamlessly integrated into the facade
Endless design possibilities
Compatible with any material

Rustic Garage Doors

Various wood options
Up to 20 cm in thickness
Traditional or modern designs

Glass Garage Doors

Glass Garage Doors

Single large glass panel
Up to 4 meters wide
Versatile styles and shapes

Listed Garage Doors

Restoration of old garage doors
Exact reproductions available
Customizable in any material or shape

All Cladding

Wood, glass, stones… you name it :)


Up to 7 meters large and 3 meters high

Heavy Weight

Up to 1Ton weight…


Aluminium structure made to last


5 cm isolation…

Our Products

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Technical description & Motor

The structure of the door is made of extruded aluminum of 60 x 40 x 3 mm screwed together to form a very solid door that can accommodate several hundred kilos.

4 mobile wheels (42 and 60 mm) in nylon and equipped with anti-dust bearings will effectively move the door up and down.

The door, balanced by a counterweight in steel plates, is easily adjustable and can be placed anywhere in the room thanks adjustable wheels.

The manufacturing is made to measure according to the dimensions of your garage, everything is easily fixed to the ceiling and the walls (in the holes provided for this purpose) using dowels and lag bolts.

All aluminium profiles are pre-drilled in order to fix an external wooden covering with stainless screws from the inside.

All planks or wooden panels are guaranteed to last and placed with the necessary clearance for woodworking.

The door is insulated in polystyrene panel (5 cm thick) as well as an 8 mm triplex finish, a rubber under the door seals water and wind.

Extra safety is ensured by a double cable on each side of the door as well as the anti-fall safety mecanism specific to the motorization.

Heavy duty wheels

(42 and 60 mm) in nylon


5 cm polystyrene panel as well as 15 & 8 mm woodfinish

Aluminium profiles

pre-drilled to fix an external covering


Seals water and wind underneath and the sides

Extra security

Ensured by a double cable on each side

Up to the task!

The DR200 or DR300 from SEIP is the strongest motor build for our doors.

On the market for over 35 years.

Long life and maintenance free, smooth and silent movement and security included with inversion of movement in case of obstacle we lift doors that are over 900 Kg with this heavy duty motor.

More information on the DR200 / 300 SEIP motor here.