Perfect duplicate of ancient metal garage door

Listed building and four identical doors in a row

In Brussels’ iconic Avenue Louise, renowned for its charm and classical architecture, the buildings lining the street boast remarkable facades that reflect the city’s history and character. When it comes to preserving the integrity of a classified facade, every detail matters. This was precisely the case when a non-projecting garage door was replicated to perfection for one of these precious facades.

The owner of a building located on Avenue Louise desired to replace their aging garage door without compromising the aesthetic harmony of the architectural ensemble. Given the classified status of the facade, it was crucial to adhere to strict heritage conservation guidelines.

The choice of a non-projecting garage door proved to be a clever solution in this context. Its intelligent design allows for vertical opening, ensuring that it does not protrude beyond the surface of the facade when being opened or closed. This guarantees the preservation of the facade’s original appearance while providing the necessary modern functionality for the garage.

To replicate this garage door identically, a team of experts in architectural restoration was commissioned. They meticulously studied the details of the classified facade, including the materials used, ornaments, and motifs. With their craftsmanship and expertise, they were able to faithfully reproduce every aspect of the original garage door.

The materials used for the reproduction were carefully selected to match those of the existing facade. The artisans made sure to adhere to traditional manufacturing techniques, employing artisanal methods to create a door that seamlessly integrated with the classified facade.

Once the non-projecting garage door was replicated, it was installed with utmost care, ensuring perfect alignment with the other architectural elements of the facade. The final result is a functional and aesthetically authentic garage door that blends seamlessly into the setting of Avenue Louise.

This meticulous restoration project exemplifies a commitment to preserving architectural heritage and respecting Brussels’ history. The faithful reproduction of the non-projecting garage door successfully preserves the integrity of the classified facade while providing modern functionality. It demonstrates that heritage preservation and architectural respect can coexist harmoniously, creating a strong link between the city’s past and present.

The restoration of the garage door is not merely a functional upgrade but a testament to the importance of preserving the city’s architectural heritage. As visitors and residents alike stroll along Avenue Louise, they can now appreciate the seamless integration of modern convenience with the timeless beauty of a classified facade. This project serves as a testament to the careful craftsmanship and dedication required to preserve and enhance Brussels’ architectural legacy, ensuring that future generations can continue to admire and cherish its unique charm.

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January 24, 2021




Av. Louise 244, Brussels


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