We have been manufacturing with passion for many years and have recently developed our most efficient aluminum system (up and over doors that aren’t overflowing). Our latest investments (CNC and double automated saw) allow us to produce a door in a few hours (door, frame, rails and counterweights) and to prepare everything for a very fast installation.

The door is almost invisible and can be dressed in any kind of material (wood, aluminum, steel, glass …) while maintaining a perfect balance.

The door lining may be in the same plane as the door frame or in the back (0 to 60 mm), allowing an identical façade cladding and making the garage door almost invisible.

Door can support up to 250 kg (for specific or heavier projects do not hesitate to contact us) …

Our strengths are:

Speed ​​of production: we can produce custom and assemble the whole structure (door frame, rails and hardware) in a few hours.
Very long life, thanks to this very robust system which has proved its worth for years.
Easy maintenance (cables outside the rail).
Technical description

The bare door is a set of extruded aluminum tubes of about 60 x 40 x 3 mm screwed together to form a very solid structure to accommodate a weight of several hundred kilograms.
The door, balanced by a small counterweight in steel plates is easily adjustable and can be placed anywhere thanks to cable redirection casters.
4 nylon mobile wheels (42 and 60 mm) equipped with dust-free bearings are located in the door frame (vertical and horizontal guide profiles).
Interior insulation of 5 cm (insulation panel) and an interior triplex finish of 5 to 10 mm to protect you from the cold.
All profiles are pre-drilled every 10 cm to allow the fixing of the paneling by the inside of the panel.
Safety is ensured by a double cable system on each side of the door.
A rubber underneath and on the edge of the door insulates and ensures the impermeability to the wind and to the water.
We advise the SEIP DR200 / 300 motor to automate your door, holes are pre-drilled for a very fast installation.

Dimension up to 4 meters wide and 2.60 meters high. Other measures available on request. 8 cm (left / right) hooks and lintel at least 15 cm.